Artists 2012/ Workshop: Neanderthal Electronics SoundBox


More than 40,000 years ago, our Neanderthal predecessors invented the first music instruments from simple objects around them (bones and stones, sticks and skins… Nowadays, we have complex audio hardware and software which make it “easier” to make music, but some of us, deep in our wild hearts, still long for the Stone Age simplicity of noise!

Discover the hidden sonic qualities of objects from our everyday world in this outdoor workshop, combining the arts of electronics, noise, sculpture and collage. The basic elements of this workshop are a wooden box, a speaker, a small audio amplifier, and a contact microphone. To this, brave box-builders will add their own found objects, graphics, images, memories and ideas to create a unique electroacoustic cabinet of curiosities.


The workshop is first come, first served so be there in time! To attend the workshop you will have to pay a 100:- sek fee in cash at site for parts and equipment.

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