Exploring the dark and the bold: NAKED, Shaddah Tuum and Astrid Gnosis

We are excited to present three acts, all engaging in bodily manifestation and looking toward divergent strands of human nature—making findings in the ritual, the sexual, and the counter-cultural.

In rites of deep sonics and bodily direction, Shaddah Tuum explores the cognitive functions of mysticism, in dark ecological rites of deep sonics and bodily direction.

Less meditative, more interruptive; the duo NAKED captures the affects of BDSM, successfully fusing hyper-contemporary sounds of experimental electronics with highly relational and bodily performances.

Upping the pace even, Colombian-Spanish born Astrid Gnosis scavenges the more esoteric sides of contemporary Eurasian counterculture, in blistering performances, music and visual arts.