Functional and experimental: eight new artists added to the club programme

This is a big one! We are joined by no less than eight artists in four fantastic club acts. First up we have Frédéric Gies, experimental dancer extraordinaire, musically directed by Berlin techno legend Fiedel. In Dance is Ancient Frédéric performs an extended dance rite around a totemic sculpture by Anton Stoianov, under the lights reminiscent of a dance floor. Prepare for an extensive journey through dance moments past and present.

Cold Heart Investment AB’s meddling of 150+ bpm, atonal, polyrhythmic dance mania portrays moral decay, oozing of fast cars on lease, alco-pops and benzodiazepines in his industrial braindancy hardware techno.

Copenhagen-based producer and DJ Erosion Flow gained international recognition with his self-titled debut EP in 2014 and since then has released the two-part project, Spectrums Vol. 1 & 2, on Martyn’s critically acclaimed 3024 label. The 23-year-old artist is set to unravel his unique sound and versatile production style in a much more comprehensive and holistic live experience. Erosion Flow performs as part of the exchange programme of the Up Node nordic festival network, invited by Phono Festival in Odense, Denmark. Made possible with support from the Nordic Culture Fund.

The Swedish duo Kuf & Dold have in their collaborative and solo efforts, along with their record label Arsenik, turned many heads in the techno scene worldwide. Their extended collaborative live performance at Norbergfestival 2017 will be a unique chance to take part of Swedish techno history in the making.