Coucou Chloe (FR)

Coucou Chloe

London-based French artist Coucou Chloe is the creative child of the internet era who’s been influenced by the electro and eurodance trends of the 2000s. Originally coming from Nice, she studied contemporary art at the Villa Arson in France and she thinks of her music as a space to create and recreate stories.

She prefers greyness over sunshine, which manifests itself in her cold, dark, vaporous and melancholic sounds, taking ravey-ness to a whole new hi-tech euphoric level. She released her first EP on Berlin-based Creamcake last year. ‘HALO’ is at once baffling and bold, futuristic and contemporary, blending electro and opera vocals with the menacing sounds of digital dystopia.

Aside from her solo music, she is also one half of Y1640, a collaborative project with producer Sega Bodega.