Norbergfestival 2015


Sixth artist release: Visual arts, off-site + all-night concerts and a complete Mimerlaven programme

We conclude the Mimerlaven live programme with all-night concerts presented and conducted by STHLM Drone Society. With music centered around long sustained timbral transformations, a deeper state of focused listening is enabled through an extended duration of time. Ongoing till 8 AM, listeners are so given the unique opportunity to be submerged completely in drone through unique performances […]

Fifth artist release: complete line up to Kraftwerk and 303 stages

Quickly closing in on a final programme, we are proud to complete the Kraftwerk and 303 stages with fantastic additions. We also present Elektronmusikstudion’s Risberg concerts and seven new Mimerlaven acts. Together with seminal Berlin institution CTM Festival, we present emerging artists from CTM’s Berlin Current programme. Moon Wheel (SE/DE), Kathy Alberici (UK/DE) and Lief Hall (CA/DE) conducts […]

Fourth artist release for Norbergfestival 2015

The fourth artist release for Norbergfestival 2015 features a wide range of uncompromising artists, with a majority to present pieces and performances in Mimerlaven. Bill Kouligas, Sophia Loizou and Jacaszek will propel their sonics out in the vast concrete ambience of the mining facility. The same goes for Exoteric Continent and Abjekt presented by Masskultur, […]

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