In our final and extensive programme release, we fill the day programme with a number of activities along with the last artists joining the Kraftwerk stage. The UK genre-bending DjRUM and French rave crusader Voiron conclude the night programme with blistering end DJ sets. Elektronmusikstudion presents the yearly off-site concert programme at Risbergs Verkstad. Swedish… Continue Reading Final programme release: DjRUM, Risbergs concerts, daytime activities and more


Our daytime programme is filling up, this year we are happy to announce two off-site entries open for the public. On Friday 29 July, we once again give free concerts in Tingshusparken in Norberg centre. 2016 year’s programme gives Athena Aegis live, a DJ set by kliin, a contemplative listening session of Norberg by Tim… Continue Reading Daytime activities: Tingshusparken Concerts & Acidruset sprint

Doron Sadja - STEIM 01

As one of our final programme releases, we are very proud to present a series of commissioned multidisciplinary sound and musical works to the festival, all developed for and set in the expanse of the Mimerlaven mining facility. In an interpretation commissioned by Norbergfestival, musician and studio extraordinaire Christoffer Berg performs electronic versions of Tower… Continue Reading New artists 2016: Commissioned pieces and multidisciplinary works

Ewa Justka

We are delighted to introduce a strong daytime programme with a wide range of themes and some truly legendary participants: Forefather of computer music Peter Zinovieff will take part in a discussion with collaborator Lucy Railton and Supernatant’s Wassim Alsindi about their new project which will have its first airing worldwide at Norbergfestival. Danish/Faroese savant… Continue Reading Workshops and talks 2016: Play with your food, mobile modularity, animated scores and more

kube uden titel-1

Norbergfestival’s 2016 visual arts exhibition ANOTHER SPACE / ANOTHER PLACE is completed with the additions of three site-specific and commissioned installations by Filip Strebeyko & Tobias Pålsson (SE), Oskar Edengréen & Mikael Blomgren (SE) and Johan Bech Jespersen & Martin Padalak (DK). ANOTHER SPACE / ANOTHER PLACE is curated by Gothenburg based curator and photographer Mette Muhli… Continue Reading Visual Arts 2016: ANOTHER SPACE / ANOTHER PLACE additions