Norbergfestival 2015


Modul at Fylkingen: Oake, Shapednoise, Nina & Drömfakulteten

On May 2 we are back with our next Modul, this time at Fylkingen in Stockholm. We present two live acts, one DJ and a practical open for all workshop: Inspired by the occult, a British post-industrial music tradition and a German post-industrial club landscape, the Berlin duo Oake has released two EP:s and an […]

Third artist release to Norbergfestival 2015: Max Cooper and more

Grand audiovisual performances, Stockholm electroacoustic scene selections, frantic outlandish beats, drones and transatlantic techno crate digging – we present our third addition to the Norbergfestival 2015 programme: Through stellar audiovisual experiences and prolific, dynamic recordings, Max Cooper is a polymath in the multidisciplinary music field that connects the dots between the culture areas of Norbergfestival. Joining us on Norbergfestival 2015: […]

University course in musical interface design set on Norbergfestival 2015

Named Integrated Information Design, Mälardalen University pilots a postgraduate multidisciplinary summer course focused on materials for musical expressions. The ten day intense course is set for a week on university campus in Västerås, followed by three days on site Norbergfestival 2015. Formed through Nordic collaboration, the course brings together the excellence of teaching activities of Aalto University in Finland, Aarhus […]

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