Thursday’s music programme gets two major additions. For the third year, Sthlm Drone Society curates a full night of drone music in the Mimerlaven mine facility. Spend the night fully immersed in slowly evolving, floating sound and allow rewarding experiences through deep or subliminal listening. Before that, DJ MAYHEM gives a 5h progressive DJ and live ritual. Join the opening ceremony of Norbergfestival… Continue Reading New artists 2016: Sthlm Drone Society & DJ Mayhem

sorrowing christ

The Mimerlaven stage programme gets reinforced with the addition of five performances from the noisy Swedish underground. Representing the diverse and subversive for the third year at Norbergfestival, Masskultur presents four striking artists from the Swedish off-centre musical vanguard: Erik Enocksson (SE) Sorrowing Christ (US/SE) Leda (SE) Orphan Ann (SE) Completing their showcase, Fylkingen presents the off-kilter… Continue Reading New artists 2016: Masskultur and Fylkingen showcases

Mette Muhli

Through various artistries and site specific works the exhibition ANOTHER SPACE / ANOTHER PLACE challenges the image of our time and discusses issues concerning place, identity and visions of a possible future. Norberg is an industrial community in flux, affected by the 80’s industrial shutdowns, while new habitants now resettle and the population increases again.… Continue Reading Visual arts 2016: ANOTHER SPACE / ANOTHER PLACE

Amnesia Scanner

Norbergfestival 2016 is approaching fast! All discounted tickets are sold out and the programme is being finalised. We have a lot more to present for you in the following weeks – starting with this. We are extremely excited for this strong addition of diverse and powerful live performers: Amnesia Scanner (INT) Peder Mannerfelt live A/V with Miguel… Continue Reading New artists 2016: Amnesia Scanner, Peder Mannerfelt and more


The Mimerlaven and 303 stages are reinforced with nine new artists, together rendering an excellent sample of contemporary electronic music in Scandinavia. Copenhagen’s prime new techno force Apeiron Crew will host the 303 stage for a night. Also taking the stage is Swedish no-wave vanguardist Mai Nestor. Finn Loxbo plays new, site-specific and examining acoustic pieces for Mimerlaven. Also… Continue Reading New artists 2016: John Chantler, Apeiron Crew, Isak Edberg, Finn Loxbo, Mai Nestor