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Second batch of artists to Norbergfestival 2015

We are proud to announce Perc, Lorenzo Senni, Lena Willikens, Zamilska, Klara Lewis, Jackie Dagger & Feloneezy and Olski joining the Norbergfestival 2015 programme. Through own production and his Perc Trax label platform, Perc is in the vanguard of mending techno and industrial music. On Norbergfestival 2015, Perc does a unique live performance in Mimerlaven. In the […]

Modul:Maskin in Sundsvall - March 7 2015

On March 7 we give the first in a series of Norbergfestival club nights on culture venues around Sweden. We begin in Sundsvall with our Modul:Maskin concept, where live performances of electronic music is mixed with hardware jam sessions. All visitors are able to create music together, bring their own gear to play with or use Norberfestival’s electronic music instruments. […]

First batch of artists for the sixteenth edition of Norbergfestival

We’re happy and proud to reveal the first batch of artists performing on the sixteenth edition of Norbergfestival. Drawing inspiration from contemporary expressions of electronic music and club culture, maybe not yet given room to fill to their full potential, we present our first nine exciting artists: From early releases of beat experimentation on Hessle […]

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