Artists 2012/ The BUG feat. Daddy Freddy & Flowdan (Presented by EMS)


thebugThe Bug is the main music project of London-based producer Kevin Martin, who has experimented with fusing various genres such as grindcore, industrial, metal, hip-hop, dub and jazz. Martin has swept through countless genres, worked with many different artists, gone under many names and been active for over a decade. The Bugs first album ‘Tapping The Conversation’ was a collaboration with Dj Vadim and released in 1997. After working with The Rootsman between 2001-2004, Martin started to develop the harsh, aggressive style The Bug is known for.

The Bug and Daddy Freddy are a deadly combination! Their track, Run The Place Red, which featured on The Bug’s ‘Pressure’ album was remixed by none other than Aphex Twin, and with their new collaboration ‘Armagideon’ on The Bug’s new ‘Swarm Riddim’ due for immanent release on Ninja Tune, brace yourself for a serious experience in sound system concussion! Warning – It will be loud, it will be heavy, it will get nasty!

Spotify – The Bug