Artists 2012/ Trevor Wishart (Presented by Audiorama)


portrait krikriAudiorama presents an electro-acoustic 8 channel piece by the renowned british composer Trevor Wishart.
Trevor Wishart’s compositional interests deal mainly with the human voice, in particular with the transformation of it and the interpolation by technological means between human voice and natural sounds.

‘Encounters in the Republic of Heaven’ is an 8-channel sound-surround piece based on speaking voices recorded in the North East of England where Trevor Wishart was A.C.E. Composer-in-Residence from October 1st, 2006 to September 2009, based at the University of Durham.
The piece is constructed in 4 Acts of approximately 20 minutes each, combining portraits of individual speakers (accompanied by sounds and imaginary instruments derived from the voices themselves) with computer animation of the entire community of voices – speech that waltzes, speech that locks in harmony, clouds of speech that circle the audience, culminating with speech that transforms into song.

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