Travel to Norberg by train to Avesta Krylbo or Fagersta with bus connection to Norberg. Book your ticket with SJ . Total travel time from Stockholm is about 2.5 hrs. For international travel: transfer by train to Avesta Krylbo from Stockholm international


Norbergfestival 2018 is held July 26th – July 28th. Norbergfestival is located at the defunct ore mine extraction site Mimerlaven, located centrally in the town of Norberg. Our stages are set up with minimal intervention in the mining facility and the adjoining

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This is a template. You need to  It once seemed farfetched that Norbergfestival would become a well-known and respected staple of the European festival calendar. It takes place two-and-a-half hours from Stockholm near a town of just a few thousand inhabitants and books