Johan Östman

Programme finalised with off-site concerts

We are thrilled to complete the programme with the additions of Elektronmusikstudion and off site events.

On Thursday night, Elektronmusikstudion’s annual concerts at Risbergs Verkstad presents Egyptian electronic songwriter Aya Metwalli along with Korean composers Bumki Kim and Jaeho Chang. Elektronmusikstudion also presents an electroacoustic programme in Mimerlaven, featuring Korean composers Eunhwa LeeByung-moo Lee, Hyunsuk Jun and Taehi Kim.

On Saturday afternoon, Norbergfestival gives a free daytime programme in Tingshusparken in central Norberg. Yoga DJ Sessions are back again amid another successful season in Stockholm, alongside ambient musician Pechblende and local young hip hop talent Javid.

Day programme extended with discursive and performative events

Altering Arcadia is a the continuous performative project by Marianna Feher and Tamandua Engström. In an extended session in Krossverket and with the backdrop of sound walls by Sorrowing Christ, they examine boundaries between corporeal deviance and transformability through elements of rope and sound that focuses on embodiment and self-alteration.

This year’s art programme Material Fatigue is completed with a pair of artist talks, examining the interdisciplinary results of the artist’s works at the festival — making practice social.

Polish Institue Stockholm and journalist Mats Almegård are back at the festival with Gram[m]ofon, an artist talk with Ewa Justka, examining the musical autobiography of the Polish power electronics artist.

The afternoon programme will also feature a screening of Behemoth, a film by Chinese director Liang Zhao displaying the results of an accelerating global economy, in the cultural and natural scarring of Mongolian steppes by advancing mining industries.

Finally, cultural theorist Benjamin Noys and composer-writer Emile Frankel discuss the possibilities of techno and electronic music for imagining the future in a time of global distress. Can the accelerations of techno and global experimental club culture offer new speculative futures beyond crisis?

Kraftwerk & 303 stages completed with 8 new acts

We are proud to conclude the Kraftwerk and 303 stages with four dynamic live acts and three blistering DJs, joining what might be our our most widespread club programme ever!

With footwork rhythms as foundation, sound designer and beatsmith Zora Jones provides a blistering high BPM set for the Kraftwerk stage. A night before, computer compositions meets Egyptian beats meets UK hardcore in a live show by Zuli, on the same date as his second EP on Lee Gamble’s UIQ label hits the stores. As one of the concluding acts of the stage, the just debuted live show by Spanish breakthrough JASSS converges industrial with electro-acoustic compositions, under the discipline of EBM synth sequences and slow-pulsating techno. Another peer bringing analog distress to the Kraftwerk stage is American noise & beat sculptor Nick Klein.

On the 303 stage, Stockholm pop duo Woodcutter Society lends some VHS glow in the dawn, while Skallahavet wraps the stage in pagan mystique. Upping the vibe, Malmö dub selector Sordez hits the decks before the night takes off into hardcore mayhem by Danish gabber youngster Peckerhead, provied by PHONO Festival through the Up Node Nordic Festival Network.

On another note, digital tricksters of many disciplines, EVOL returns to Mimerlaven with a new composition for multichannel PA, lasers and foghorn. Rave on.

Anna von Hausswolff’s Pomperipossa Records and Masskultur to Mimerlaven

We are proud and excited to complement the grand hall of Norbergfestival with two major forces of experimental music in Sweden.

Anna von Hausswolff’s Pomperipossa Records have, in addition to the revered solo material by herself, introduced some of the most bewildering and original music stemming from Sweden in the past years. In a unique label showcase, Anna von Hausswolff presents her new trio BAD, along with performances by Stockholm lofi improviser Clora as well as sonic arts mainstay Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud, a singular voice shaping the landscape of sound and media art in practice and theory alike. We can’t state enough the importance of Rimbaud’s work for the ethos of Norbergfestival throughout the years.

Swedish lofi music institution Masskultur have in the past years brought some of the most idiosyncratic new talents of experimental music in Sweden and Europa to the festival, adding to this venture in 2017 with Swedish performers Milos Olympus and Nev Lilit alongside Belgian tape artist Mathieu Serruys.

Material Fatigue: 15 new artists in an overarching programme of the arts

Material Fatigue is an autonomous branch of the Norbergfestival 2017 programme: a set of actions and exhibited works curated by Frida Sandström (SE) and Aleksei Borisionok (BY). With a focus on interdisciplinary performance practices, Material Fatigue arches across and beyond the festival – day and night, on and off-site, in found rooms and on the stages. The start of the programme is marked on July 19 at Galleri Norberg in central Norberg, with the exhibited works of Susanna Jablonski. The installation is later accompanied in a set of sound interventions by Julia Giertz, Patrik Patsy Lassbo and Folke Rabe.

At the festival site, video works of Annika Eriksson, Kajsa Dahlberg and Oleksiy Radynski provide reflections on communal utopias, torn down by post-Fordist mechanisms. Next to Iris Smeds aka Vaska Fimpen‘s imploded imaginarium and Cara Tolmie’s looped identity of the diva, Stina Nyberg’s movement workshop enables a re-training of whatever a political agency might be. As Kasia Wolinska and Ashiq Khondker puts the very meeting of living bodies into practice, Dinis Machado questions the space of the very body itself as autonomous. Exhausting the materiality of the architecture, KP Transmission elasticises our sense of hearing, while Olia Sosnovskaya lectures on the affective moment of a celebration and it’s role as a collective and disruptive force in a contemporary political landscape. The artistic interventions will be accompanied by two set of artist talks on related topics.

Read more about the curatorial project.

Material Fatigue is part of the two year project The Glossary of the Event, supported by artistic research and development funding from the Royal Institute of Art.