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Ayhan Aydin presents this year’s menu which is full of flavors that cares about you and the environment

The food at this year’s Norbergfestival has layers on layers with flavors and textures to create a delightful and greasy plate. The food is primarily plant based and gluten-free with some alternatives for the omnivores. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night foods. The produce includes everything from Swedish vegetables and legumes that was supposed to thrown away to spices picked in the wild. We are caring about the environment and keeping it green! The menu is designed to give you options to create a plate according to your likings and mood. It will have four categories with different alternatives:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Sauces and seasonings
  • Salads
  • Protein

Don’t forget that the sound changes your taste perception – that music has a huge impact on your meal experience!


“A development within culinary arts could start, like the way within jazz. First one understands the heritage, harmonies and rhythms, or in a culinary context; flavour, resources, and techniques. Training, improvisation and curiosity are important factors when arranging a track as well as a meal. The knowledge and skills need to be quite solid, providing a base of understanding of traditional flavours and techniques as well as a range of ways to innovate on the well-known. Today with our increasing urbanisation, there is also a great movement of people to and from these cities. Many cultures share space within this context and many new are created. Influences and knowledge travel faster than before because of the better digital infrastructure. It’s still not equitable whose culture gets acknowledged and whose doesn’t, but today it’s easier to make new connections, allies and encounters.”

— Ayhan Aydin, meal ecologist

Functional and experimental: eight new artists added to the club programme

This is a big one! We are joined by no less than eight artists in four fantastic club acts. First up we have Frédéric Gies, experimental dancer extraordinaire, musically directed by Berlin techno legend Fiedel. In Dance is Ancient Frédéric performs an extended dance rite around a totemic sculpture by Anton Stoianov, under the lights reminiscent of a dance floor. Prepare for an extensive journey through dance moments past and present.

Cold Heart Investment AB’s meddling of 150+ bpm, atonal, polyrhythmic dance mania portrays moral decay, oozing of fast cars on lease, alco-pops and benzodiazepines in his industrial braindancy hardware techno.

Copenhagen-based producer and DJ Erosion Flow gained international recognition with his self-titled debut EP in 2014 and since then has released the two-part project, Spectrums Vol. 1 & 2, on Martyn’s critically acclaimed 3024 label. The 23-year-old artist is set to unravel his unique sound and versatile production style in a much more comprehensive and holistic live experience. Erosion Flow performs as part of the exchange programme of the Up Node nordic festival network, invited by Phono Festival in Odense, Denmark. Made possible with support from the Nordic Culture Fund.

The Swedish duo Kuf & Dold have in their collaborative and solo efforts, along with their record label Arsenik, turned many heads in the techno scene worldwide. Their extended collaborative live performance at Norbergfestival 2017 will be a unique chance to take part of Swedish techno history in the making.

Fylkingen reveal their contribution and Siren joins the festival

Solovkina and Bond Snatch, Violence Scatter are the two acts Fylkingen are contributing with this years festival. Solovkinas work stretches between sound art, noise, electronica and free improvisation, mostly with the trumpet as her main instrument. Lyrical as well as brutal, minimalist and maximalist, organic and non-organic, she creates both order and chaos.

Bond Snatch, Violence Scatter is the brainchild of Fernanda Melgerjo and Christophe Aslanian. Their piece involves contemporary dance, noise music, and clay while asking how violence work as an energy we receive, stock and transmit?

London techno crew Siren joins the roster with all their mightiness. Jay D, Moonbow, Slime Eye, Sybil and re:ni are showcasing their eclectic and at times punky wall of sound. Be sure not to miss!

Noisy duo premieres live show!

Manni Dee and Ewa Justka join forces for a very special live premiere! Ikonika will showcase her wider set of genres, which aim to highlight her love for hip-hop and R&B. Tehran-born and London-based, Ash Kooshas training in classical music and his interest in computer music from a young age has equipped him with necessary tools to construct, break, form and deform at the same time. This year we are happy to see him on stage at Norbergfestival.

Exciting artists are joining the programme!

Hello music lovers! The time has come to release the third batch of special priced festival tickets.

The fun doesn’t stop there, no no! We also have some new very special artists for the line-up. Kara-Lis Coverdale, Christoffer Berg, Irradiation and Sarah Davachi are joining the roster and will be playing live in Mimer at this years Norbergfestival.


Exciting new artists confirmed for Norbergfestival 2017

We are happy to announce these brilliant artist for this years edition of Norbergfestival!


Belgian producer SKY H1 is one of the most exciting recent additions to the electronic music scene. Inspired by a wide range of genres from grime to ambient, SKY H1’s music is both brutal and sublime, melancholic and cheerful. Her work is a combination of strikingly emotive compositions and trancy orchestral synths.

Jesse Osborne-Lanthier

Jesse Osborne-Lanthier is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist, musician and all-round unpredictable genius. Focusing on inciting alternative cognitive responses via mixed sonic material, his sound operates through contrasts. His works are at once present, futuristic and atemporal.

Coucou Chloe

London-based French artist Coucou Chloe is the creative child of the Internet era who’s been influenced by the electro and eurodance trends of the 2000s. Originally from Nice, she studied contemporary art at the Villa Arson in France and she thinks of her music as a space to create and recreate stories.

Your Planet Is Next

Our planet… IS NEXT!? Yes, this is in fact the case, at least according to one Stockholm-dwelling, 30-something (wishes-he-was-a) failed pop star Arvid Wretman. Just how he fell from his position as poster boy of Kärrtorp’s ever-vibrant noise scene to the pill-popping, Cher-covering discotheque pleaser, we could not tell you.

First artist release for Norbergfestival 2017!


We’re very excited to present these first five acts:

Pharmakon might be the foremost performance and noise artist in the world right now. What we’ve heard from the coming album trembles us. Join us in preparation.

We’re also thrilled to announce that Beatrice Dillon brings her free-form, dub informed drum works in a rare live performance.

Also a warm welcome back to Ideal Recordings, who have been dearly missed in the past few years. Christine Ödlund’s biosynthetic compositions, the industrial drones of Saturn and the Sun and the collaged electric reveries of Ectoplasm Girls will wash the hollows of Mimerlaven.