MOMOC is a downloadable folder magazine for file culture, gathering contributions from all artforms that can be compressed into one or several file-extensions. The content is presented inside a downloadable zip-file.   MOMOC aims to engage with culture as digital media; challenging

Alternating Currents

Alternating Currents is an intermedial electricity concert choreographed and performed by Maria w Horn, Stina Nyberg and a frequency-controllable Tesla coil. The concert is one part of a long-term obsession with the inventor Nikola Tesla and the early 1900’s phenomena of touring

Vlad Nanca

Video installation: Nadia In 1978, Romanian gymnast Nadia Comăneci made a historical contribution in the Montreal OS 1976, where she was the first in history to score a ”perfect 10”. In Vlad Nanca’s edit of the documents from Comăneci’s prime time, the

Klara Utke Acs

arrivals procastinate *echo* is a polyphony of choreographies initiated by dancer and performer Klara Utke Acs. It is a practice of social posing as a nonverbal, subtle yet forceful mode of political positioning. As an eco-system of bodies, subjects and aliens, the performance is


PETER, the plague a list, a history, a contagion, a memory, a thought, a lifestyle, a choice, a miracle, a child, a verse, a sickness, an announcement, an archive, a protest, alive, another, a promise, practice, problem, performance, place, position, parameter, prediction,

Stine Janvin

For Choreomania, the installation Paroxysm will be activated by a performance by vocalist Stine Janvin. Through various projects such as Fake Synthetic Music and Native Instrument (Shelter Press), Janvin explore and challenges the physical features of the voice, the acoustics of her external/internal

Scape ft. PETER

In the ever-sound-inducing environment of participatory sound installation Scape by Christian Reiter Seibæk, a performance will emerge. In a durational performative and ethically demanding choreography of the self, Reiter Seibæk is engaged in conduction by PETER. In a radical unproductising of expanded


Norbergfestival 2018 is held July 26th – July 28th. Norbergfestival is located at the defunct ore mine extraction site Mimerlaven, located centrally in the town of Norberg. Our stages are set up with minimal intervention in the mining facility and the adjoining


Anrikningsverket is a non-profit association operating mainly in Norberg and Stockholm, Sweden. The organisation was founded around the annual project of Norbergfestival and developed into a year-round interdisciplinary network operating within cultural production. The network consists of composers and musicians, multi-disciplinary artists