FLORA is the collaboration between singer and producer AnnaMelina and Swedish electronic music export Varg. AnnaMelina is known for her dreamy vocals and electronic song writing. Varg is one of the electronic music world’s most prolific, collaborative, experimental and ever-changing artists. Nimbly

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JHM aka Jens Masimov spends his time between Sweden and Glasgow, DJing and producing while also co-running Hill 52 Radio. His style and practice is fuelled by notions of POC identity, creating politically motivated electronic music and art. Influences come from a

rip ME

rip me smokes too much and dreams of becoming Madonna. rip me is for sale at all times and all places. rip me detached themselves from their emotions a long time ago and have no plans of reconciliation. rip me is a

Why Be

Why Be is the alias of Tobias Lee—a Danish DJ and producer who has released with Halcyon Veil, Janus and NON. Active in the scene since almost a decade, Lee has continued to shape his musical style by merging unexpected sounds and


Residing in Berlin, GIL is a musician whose work explores the cracks, connections and in-betweens of music and the body while being primarily rooted in contemporary club music. His debut EP Orchids & Wasps was released on Danse Noire in 2016 and


Daniel Iinatti is a Stockholm based DJ and curator who together with Anna Sagström is the founder of Country Music. Being the resident DJ of Country Music his style of deejaying ranges from slowstyle to gabber, with all that is hard and

Fast Forward

Shaping the emergence of something anew, the raves of Fast Forward fronts a boldly paced and rashly melodic, no-tomorrow epos of Nordic techno, hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark. Fast is the current, cuing early trance and northern nineties techno, although leaving nostalgia far behind. Joining


Sugar is a Copenhagen-based producer, DJ and co-founder of Fast Forward—the raves and collective of Copenhagen coming to shape this new, rashly melodic and fast-moving, no-tomorrow epos of Nordic techno. Sugar debuts on the Copenhagen Euromantic imprint in 2018.

Ida Engelhardt

By way of intensive rave saturation and fast-as-fuck deejaying, Ida Engelhardt has emerged in the last year on the Copenhagen underground techno scene. Of demonic energy and angelic heart, Ida emits cathartic melodies and relentless kicks in seamless dynamics. Ida Engelhardt performs at Norbergfestival

DJ Ibon

Ibon is a Norwegian producer and DJ based in Copenhagen, there especially known for his hard-hitting, euphoric and unpretentious closing sets. A member of both the BunkerBauer and Fast Forward crews, Ibon also joined the Ectotherm family in 2017 with his debut