An invitation to dance


As part of the Tanzplage Norberg, 15 festival visitors are invited to a movement workshop run by choreographers and dancers Lea Martini, Lisen Ellard and Tea Harrison. The workshop takes place at the festival site in the days coming up to the festival, with a final performance on the first festival night. Read more about Tanzplage here.

How does a collective movement manifest itself? In Tanzplage Norberg, we adhere unconditionally to the common rhythm. Giving up our private movements, we go further together that we ever could on our own. Throughout the workshop days, we’ll train ourselves to become permeable, letting all that surrounds us to influence the dance. Understanding the dancing plague as something viral which exists through movement, this continuous and intense dance practice is an invitation to reconsider our immunity to become one. Our breath and pulse, every part of our body become the carrier of this collective, manic dance.

The workshop includes intense movements, meditation, readings and conversations. We give ourselves away to the group, enabling a common, solidary movement, visible and down to micro-orgiastic level.

Practical info:

The workshop and performance will be physically demanding, although there is no requisite to be a trained nor experienced dancer. In Tanzplage Norberg, anyone with interest to test the boundaries of physical expression is invited to join. We’d like to form a diverse group of bodies and experiences. The only requisite is that you are willing to exhaust yourself together with others.

The Tanzplage workshop is open to all Norbergfestival ticket holders. As a participant, you arrive three days prior to the festival, to prepare and practice for the final performance on Thursday 26 July. During the three workshop days, you are provided with food and a place to sleep. During the festival days, you join the festival as a visitor and will have to organise your stay on your own. Travel is not provided by Norbergfestival.

The workshop is limited to 15 participants and the places are distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

To sign up for the workshop, or if you have any questions, please contact

Workshop dates: Monday 23 July – Thursday 26 July
Collective performance: Thursday 26 July