Anna von Hausswolff’s Pomperipossa Records and Masskultur to Mimerlaven

We are proud and excited to complement the grand hall of Norbergfestival with two major forces of experimental music in Sweden.

Anna von Hausswolff’s Pomperipossa Records have, in addition to the revered solo material by herself, introduced some of the most bewildering and original music stemming from Sweden in the past years. In a unique label showcase, Anna von Hausswolff presents her new trio BAD, along with performances by Stockholm lofi improviser Clora as well as sonic arts mainstay Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud, a singular voice shaping the landscape of sound and media art in practice and theory alike. We can’t state enough the importance of Rimbaud’s work for the ethos of Norbergfestival throughout the years.

Swedish lofi music institution Masskultur have in the past years brought some of the most idiosyncratic new talents of experimental music in Sweden and Europa to the festival, adding to this venture in 2017 with Swedish performers Milos Olympus and Nev Lilit alongside Belgian tape artist Mathieu Serruys.