Ash Koosha (IR)

Ash Koosha

Tehran-born and London-based, Ash Koosha creates music that is stripped of genre, style and conventional structure. His training in classical music and his interest in computer music from a young age has equipped him with necessary tools to construct, break, form and deform at the same time. The result is fragmented sound, unearthly yet natural, collage-like yet seamless with Persian influences. Koosha introduced the concept for the world’s first virtual reality album and has developed multisensory experiences for his music.

His latest record on Ninja Tunes, ‘I AKA I’ systematises his own synaesthesia (the ability to ‘see’ sound) by treating sound “like a physical matter which can be broken down, liquified, rescaled or spatially positioned.” The results are nothing less than stunning. The album, he says “is about transformations in psychology and technological advancements – the result is always the same humans in the end.”