Ayhan Aydin presents this year’s menu which is full of flavors that cares about you and the environment

The food at this year’s Norbergfestival has layers on layers with flavors and textures to create a delightful and greasy plate. The food is primarily plant based and gluten-free with some alternatives for the omnivores. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night foods. The produce includes everything from Swedish vegetables and legumes that was supposed to thrown away to spices picked in the wild. We are caring about the environment and keeping it green! The menu is designed to give you options to create a plate according to your likings and mood. It will have four categories with different alternatives:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Sauces and seasonings
  • Salads
  • Protein

Don’t forget that the sound changes your taste perception – that music has a huge impact on your meal experience!


“A development within culinary arts could start, like the way within jazz. First one understands the heritage, harmonies and rhythms, or in a culinary context; flavour, resources, and techniques. Training, improvisation and curiosity are important factors when arranging a track as well as a meal. The knowledge and skills need to be quite solid, providing a base of understanding of traditional flavours and techniques as well as a range of ways to innovate on the well-known. Today with our increasing urbanisation, there is also a great movement of people to and from these cities. Many cultures share space within this context and many new are created. Influences and knowledge travel faster than before because of the better digital infrastructure. It’s still not equitable whose culture gets acknowledged and whose doesn’t, but today it’s easier to make new connections, allies and encounters.”

— Ayhan Aydin, meal ecologist