Day programme extended with discursive and performative events

Altering Arcadia is a the continuous performative project by Marianna Feher and Tamandua Engström. In an extended session in Krossverket and with the backdrop of sound walls by Sorrowing Christ, they examine boundaries between corporeal deviance and transformability through elements of rope and sound that focuses on embodiment and self-alteration.

This year’s art programme Material Fatigue is completed with a pair of artist talks, examining the interdisciplinary results of the artist’s works at the festival — making practice social.

Polish Institue Stockholm and journalist Mats Almegård are back at the festival with Gram[m]ofon, an artist talk with Ewa Justka, examining the musical autobiography of the Polish power electronics artist.

The afternoon programme will also feature a screening of Behemoth, a film by Chinese director Liang Zhao displaying the results of an accelerating global economy, in the cultural and natural scarring of Mongolian steppes by advancing mining industries.

Finally, cultural theorist Benjamin Noys and composer-writer Emile Frankel discuss the possibilities of techno and electronic music for imagining the future in a time of global distress. Can the accelerations of techno and global experimental club culture offer new speculative futures beyond crisis?