Kraftwerk & 303 stages completed with 8 new acts

We are proud to conclude the Kraftwerk and 303 stages with four dynamic live acts and three blistering DJs, joining what might be our our most widespread club programme ever!

With footwork rhythms as foundation, sound designer and beatsmith Zora Jones provides a blistering high BPM set for the Kraftwerk stage. A night before, computer compositions meets Egyptian beats meets UK hardcore in a live show by Zuli, on the same date as his second EP on Lee Gamble’s UIQ label hits the stores. As one of the concluding acts of the stage, the just debuted live show by Spanish breakthrough JASSS converges industrial with electro-acoustic compositions, under the discipline of EBM synth sequences and slow-pulsating techno. Another peer bringing analog distress to the Kraftwerk stage is American noise & beat sculptor Nick Klein.

On the 303 stage, Stockholm pop duo Woodcutter Society lends some VHS glow in the dawn, while Skallahavet wraps the stage in pagan mystique. Upping the vibe, Malmö dub selector Sordez hits the decks before the night takes off into hardcore mayhem by Danish gabber youngster Peckerhead, provied by PHONO Festival through the Up Node Nordic Festival Network.

On another note, digital tricksters of many disciplines, EVOL returns to Mimerlaven with a new composition for multichannel PA, lasers and foghorn. Rave on.