Choreomania: artist talks

As part of Choreomania, Norbergfestival continue it’s artist talk programme where participating artists meet to discuss significant notions from the current curatorial concept. This year, artistic practices are investigated through two concepts: ”The manic choir” and ”Sensory scapes”. Departing from these, thoughts and methodologies are presented and discussed through common threads and with the aim to avoid personification of aesthetic and political matter and rather focusing on a common development of contemporary struggles, as artists, citizens and humans.

The manic choir
Participating artists: Peter Mills, Lea Martini, Klara Utke Acs
Moderated by Frida Sandström

What difference does the presence of live bodies make today? 2018, 500 years after the dancing plague in Strasbourg – outbursts of its kind are seen in both Tiblisi, Minsk and Berlin. Through their own artistic investigations in choirs, dissonance and broken monologues, participating artists discuss the aesthetic and political potential of the outburst today. Be it in the format of a physical meeting, an acoustic composition or a reconfiguration of a digital archive.

Sensory scapes
Participating artists: Christian Reiter Seibæk, Annie Tådne and Lyra Pramuk
Moderated by Frida Sandström

Most often, media transfer have glitches as consequence. Embodying these, transformations of digital matter are intertwined with a physical control over the organic. Through this activation and re-articulation, present artistic practices invert archives of hegemonic logics. Be with the writing of history or the organisation of living matter: new sensory regimes are brought forth.