Keiska (FI)

Originally from Vihti, now residing in Helsinki, Keiska is a producer who doesn’t seem to have boundaries when it comes to creativity. In his imaginative productions Keiska moves effortlessly from juke to dembow, to grime and trance. As a DJ, he has been tearing clubs up from Helsinki to Berlin for some time now and is widely recognized for his unpredictable and inventive dj-sets. Noted by FACT Magazine, Dummy Mag, etc, Keiska stands at the forefront of new generation of young producers pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

Last year Keiska released an EP called Powerpoint via Berlin based label Creamcake. The EP was his heartfelt ode to euro trance and time stretching, with influences from modern trap and bass music.

Come and witness Keiska’s much anticipated DJ set as part of THRDEYEVISION showcase. Expect the unexpected.