Material Fatigue: Annika Eriksson (SE)

Adventure Ahead
Video, 12 min

As part of Material Fatigue, Annika Eriksson present Adventure Ahead – a video collage created with archive material from The Media Archive of Central England, which holds a large collection of amateur film, newsreels and documentaries. The work blends footage from various sources, but most importantly from an amateur film made in the form of a science fiction musical. Titled Children Rule 2080, this musical was produced in 1980 and tells the story of a group of children being transferred 100 years into the future. Once there, they are forced to fight against a controlling and dystopian state. Presenting us with an historic example of science fiction, Adventure Ahead ironically takes us back in time, through 35–40-year-old visions of the future, while simultaneously transporting us to a time that has still not taken place.

Annika Eriksson is a Swedish artist living in Berlin. Calling perception of time, structures of power, and once acclaimed social visions into question, Eriksson strategically plays with the heated debates around the public realm and structures that regulate it. Thus, her work reveals the urban changes and how this is subject to unexpected political appropriations and inversions.