Material Fatigue: Susanna Jablonski (SE)

Most Ghosts Hold Grudges
Installation, mixed media

Memory, monuments, concepts of time and forms of reconciliation are central elements of Susanna Jablonski’s artistic practice. Moving between sculpture, video, and sound, Jablonski addresses the malleability of each medium, bringing glass, stone, home videos, physical archives, and sound recordings into play with each other. Thus, Jablonski seeks to make gestures being both personal and part of a collective consciousness. In the meeting of the two she continues to develop her visual and auditory language. As part of Norbergfestival’s and Material Fatigue’s residence at Abrahamsgården – a real estate with history from the 13th century, Susanna Jablonski presents a site specific installation reconsidering the materiality of the architecture.

In addition to her solo practice, Susanna Jablonski collaborates with William Rickman on the music project Slow Wave, and has produced a number of internationally exhibited video works with Santiago Mostyn. Her work has been exhibited most recently at Moderna Museet (Sweden), Art Gallery of Alberta (Canada), and the Nanjing International Art Festival (China).