Anna von Hausswolff presents: BAD (Pomperipossa Records / SE)

The newly formed trio BAD collects Anna von Hausswolff, David Sabel and Hannes Nilsson, to debut with a release on von Hausswolff’s Pomperipossa Records on Christmas Eve 2017.

Their live debut at Norbergfestival will be a blistering take on drone music: performed live on multiple electric bass guitars and gongs, on a backdrop of organ and noise. This early performance by the trio acts as an experimental outset in their further musical explorations — join in the rare chance to experience the promise of a new band in the making!

BAD performs as part of the Pomperipossa Records showcase at Norbergfestival 2017. Pomperipossa Records is an experimental record label owned by Anna von Hausswolff and run by Anna von Hausswolff and Laura Lee De La Vega. Their focus lies in finding and releasing hidden gems from the forgotten world of pure musical expression, and their showcase at Norbergfestival a glimpse into this magical land.