Byung-moo Lee (KO)

Tiny Windows for 4-ch. tape (2014)

The world seen through tiny windows would be different from the usual world. A lot of elements such as shape, size, color and quality could be unfamiliar despite a same object. If the unfamiliar world of dusts seem beautiful, it would be so because of the similarity to the familiar world.  The tiny windows here mean not only small grains but also some systems which sounds go through and distort sounds. Although an object is distorted many times, we are used to believing the object as truth because of familiarity. We should think that an object could be close to the truth, when the object is distorted again. What we are normally seeing is also a world through tiny windows.

Byung-moo Lee is an adjunct professor of Korea National University of Arts. His music is focused on material conception and processing to express the sounds in more dimensions with different perspectives.

Byung-moo Lee is presented by Elektronmusikstudion.