Clora (Pomperipossa Records / SE)

Behind the acronym for his birth name is a self-taught Stockholm sound explorer named Christoffer Reichenberg. Ranging from the inaudible to thick drones, his sounds are recreations of memories and state of minds. With the help of synths, field recordings and samples he tries to depict these feelings when words fall short, like an ongoing audio therapy session.

In the end of 2015 — after a decade of playing records, arranging clubs and enjoying these as safe havens — he finally sat down with a synth on his own and the result was seven tracks that became a self-titled EP on Zeon Light in 2016. This new found way of expression led to a productive summer where loads of music was created which soon will see the light of day, maybe rather, the dark of night. In live performances, Clora lets chance and improvisation take a big part of the story being told.

Clora performs as part of the Pomperipossa Records showcase at Norbergfestival 2017. Pomperipossa Records is an experimental record label owned by Anna von Hausswolff and run by Anna von Hausswolff and Laura Lee De La Vega. Their focus lies in finding and releasing hidden gems from the forgotten world of pure musical expression, and their showcase at Norbergfestival a glimpse into this magical land.