Cold Heart Investment AB (SE)

July 2015. The phone rings, I don’t answer. According to Yellow Pages, the caller is ”Cold Heart Investment AB”, a company registered on the same address as a military wear boutique in Gothenburg. A couple of Google hits paint me an all too typical picture, representing our present state of barbary: operating in the legal grey areas opened up by the past 20 years of neoliberal policy, CHIAB had found their niche in selling useless subscriptions and sending out fake invoices to unwitting elderly citizens. The owner is convicted of assault, and two of his colleagues have served time for statutory rape. The moral decay of these men, oozing of fast cars on lease, alco-pops and benzodiazepines was dazzling, but what shook me most of all was the utter sincerity of the name they had chosen for their murky outfit. I decided to adopt it for my own enterprise: the meddling of 150+ bpm, atonal, polyrhythmic dance mania. Catch me before they do!