Forces (FI)

Forces is an experimental club music project of Finnish sound/visual artist Joonas Siren. Siren has been performing during the last seven years with different aliases in Helsinki experimental music circles, but for some time Forces has been his main output. This project is dedicated to the possibilities of electronic sound with different programming and digital editing techniques; often algorave-y SuperCollider beat-triggering meets extreme time-stretching and VST abuse.

Forces released the Liquid Syntax EP independently on August 2016, which was based on heavily processed tracks of Ibiza Trance collections forming a sea of sounds, mirroring the underlying condition of capitalism, politics, identity etc, where everything is malleable and in constant change.

Forces’ performance at Norbergfestival 2017 as part of THRDEYEVSN showcase will be accompanied by live video works of visual artist Henna Herranen. Unusual at its best!