Irradiation (AT)

Patricia Enigl aka Irradiation is a sound artist, composer, DJ and club host as well as the co-initiator and manager of the Viennese label TEMP~.

Irradiation’s musical output is a permanent exploration of the space between repetitive and abstract electronic music. Over the last years, her music moved towards being experimental without losing the dance floor from sight, blending electronic dance music and acousmatic improvisation.

Besides her solo project, she enjoys working with musicians, composers and visual artists. Collaborations include Electric Indigo, Didi Bruckmayr (Wipeout, Fuckhead), rapper/spoken word artist Mieze Medusa etc. Currently she is engaged in three projects: “Pasajera Oscura” with Chra, “Reinforced Chaos” with Martin Gasser and her collaboration with Martina Claussen.

Irradiation is presented as part of Sthlm Drone Society’s showcase on Norbergfestival 2017.