Jaeho Chang (KO)

Code III

The Code series are audio-visual works on the theme of communication between humans and computers. The performer commands the computer through its terminal, and the computer produces the sound accordingly. The computer consists of various modules with a relatively simple Artificial Neural Network. The performer trains these modules in real time and improvises. Through continued communication between the two, the music continues to change and the audience can see the process through the screen.

Jaeho Chang is a composer and media artist. His main interest is developing algorithms based on computer programming and composing music with them. His works include various styles of music such as electro-acoustic music both on tape and live, music for dance, music for film, and sound and interactive media installations. He has also been developing interactive music systems for media arts, and recently experimented with artificial neural network systems for his audiovisual works. Jaeho Chang is a professor of KNUA (The Korea National University of Arts).

Jaeho Chang performs in the Risberg off-site concerts presented by Elektronmusikstudion.