Material Fatigue: Vaska Fimpen (SE)

Vaska Fimpen
2013 –

As part of Material Fatigue, Vaska Fimpen will play classic hits from her coming album The Legend of the Sad Vagina. She will make a special electric guitar performance and sing one new song. Vaska Fimpen embodies the idea of performing failure. Thus, she stands as the ultimate art object; a caricature of herself.

Vaska Fimpen is a one woman band and a Monument of loneliness

Vaska fimpen is a bin for the waist you intended to say

The sentiments of Vaska cannot be conceptualized

Vaska fimpen is only sovereign when exposed

– From the Vaska Fimpen Manifesto (2017)

Iris Smeds is an artist working with issues regarding entertainment and the value of art and identity as commodities. Thus, she work with representation and with the marketability of people and of art, which is radically seen in her artworks and in the way they are presented. Smeds often writes herself into the narratives which she creates, such as performing as the legendary one woman punk band called Vaska Fimpen, since 2013. She is also head of Iris Smeds Entertainment Production – a production company for more entertaining art. With credibility as one of her main concepts, Smeds performs the idea of truthfulness, and how certain utterances are valorised through their very performances.