Milos Olympus (SE)

Combining crushing harsh noise and concrete music with moody synths and stoned vocal chants, Felicia Lindgren and August Levén became the leaders of a new, young full-frontal attack on the Swedish noise scene back in 2014. By the following year Olympus (Levén) already had a few tape releases under his belt, while Milos (Lindgren) debuted with one of the strongest tracks on the 2015 “Svensk Noise” compilation.

Milos Olympus was born when the pair teamed up for tag-team style live performances, stirring up audiences with an aggressive and spontaneous live presence paired with an impressively developed and personal approach to sound in noise. As musicians, gig organizers and managers of the microlabel Forever United (in collaboration with Hugo Randulv), Milos Olympus are leading the way for the Gothenburg underground. In 2017 their debut LP will be released by Förlag för Fri Musik.

Milos Olympus’ live performance at Norbergfestival 2017 is presented by Masskultur.