Nev Lilit (SE)

Nev Lilit shapes hard and brooding drones that fracture into rhythmic explosions, utilising the wide palette of contemporary electroacoustic music and the ecstatic clamour of dance music and raw punk rock.

Stockholm-based talent Siri Jennefelt’s activities span several different areas of sound work. Known for a hands-on approach to composing, this live-action attitude comes as no surprise to those who have witnessed Jennefelt command the attention of countless clubs and basements as electronician and vocalist in Stockholm post-punk band Saigon, and more recently the synth wave duo Ease. Her chilling stage presence is carried over to the solo project Nev Lilit, debuting in 2017 on new Stockholm label Moloton.

Nev Lilit’s live performance at Norbergfestival 2017 is presented by Masskultur.