Skallahavet (SE)

Skallahavet is a place on the island Skaftö on the west coast of Sweden: a big meadow not featured on any map, with a name only known by locals. The sounds of Skallahavet are inspired by children’s spiritual rituals—bright, organic and chanting and suitable for the hobby Wiccan’s vårblot or for a summer evening’s sunbathing. 

Skallahavet debut released the cassette Häxdisko on Kärvt this spring. Behind Skallahavet is Kajsa Magnarsson, a sound artist active in many fields, from building sound sculptures and writing scores to performing with electro-clash alter ego La Katla and making films. Magnarsson is also an active part of the scene 24kvm in Gothenburg and the trans- and female separatistic society Konstmusiksystrar.