und-0-und presents Drone Acid

The label und-0-und was created to explore the darker sides of acid. Dramatic, loud, distorted, and slow.

Hirdmän av Evigt Mörker

A broken and stochastic search for textures defines Hirdmän av Evigt Mörker’s sonic landscape. Both oppressing and ethereal the doom inspired acid is delivered in glacier slow distorted fashion. Using classic techno gear, DIY equipment, and pedals Hirdmän av Evigt Mörker’s sculpts saturated black acid reminiscing old heathen ways. All delivered at maximum peak to peak levels, aiming for total victory in the loudness war.

Like a Hunting Cat

Like a Hunting Cat came to the anonymous artist while visiting the ancient Yezidi shrine of Lalesh, where he learnt of many belief systems that had lived and evolved for thousands of years in the cradle of civilisation. It is an exploration of syncretic religions, ancient cults, almost forgotten songs and memories from razed temples. Like a hunting cat is a flickering ghost, the shadow of a feline in the woods and the voice of the Lord.