Woodcutter Society (SE)

Woodcutter Society is a pop duo based in Stockholm. These two millenials first met at a seedy rave on the outskirts of Stockholm back in 2012 where they connected through their mutual love for VGM-composer Yasuhisa Watanabe. Following their first encounter, they started jamming out on the Roland E-15 Intelligent Synthesizer. Jams evolved into full-fledged songs and the duos separate skillsets proved to be a match made in heaven.
Woodcutter Society combines the production prowess of William Rickman (known for projects such as Weirdsville and ambient RnB-duo Slow Wave) with the slam poetry of Link Drougge (drummer of industrial doom-band Fon Restorff, formerly of Lo-Fi-Fnk and Karl x Johan). Together they strive make the hit songs of the future while conveying a strong technogaian message. Suffice to say, Woodcutter Society will take you to a very special place.