Your Planet Is Next (SE)

Your Planet Is Next

Our planet… IS NEXT!? Yes, this is in fact the case, at least according to one Stockholm-dwelling, 30-something (wishes-he-was-a) failed pop star Arvid Wretman. Just how he fell from his position as poster boy of Kärrtorp’s ever-vibrant noise scene to the pill-popping, Cher-covering discotheque pleaser, we could not tell you.

First appearing in 2014 with a limited edition tape, Your Planet Is Next quickly caught the ears of those paying attention. He followed up with Stockholm label Junk Yard Connection’s debut LP, with more refined electro productions that bounced jovially, chugged menacingly and punched erratically. Since he’s released a more experimental dusty tape offering on Opal Tapes and a lighthearted EP on Studio Barnhus (featuring a cover of Cher’s ‘Believe’, believe it or not).