MOMOC is a downloadable folder magazine for file culture, gathering contributions from all artforms that can be compressed into one or several file-extensions. The content is presented inside a downloadable zip-file.  

MOMOC aims to engage with culture as digital media; challenging streamlined and centralized media clients in favor of a collective, non-hierarchical user-influenced ethos of distribution and presentation  

MOMOC highlights the uniqueness of experiencing culture through the Personal Computer, the File and the Folder, intrinsically different from the cinema, gallery, phonogram or home video industries  

MOMOC draws on the interconnected (pop)cultural and technical knowledge of a generation highly trained in online music and movie piracy  

MOMOC consciently diverges traffic from Clouds, social media and streaming services alike  

MOMOC is survivalism in and of the online age, fully intent on controlling our own data by any means necessary

MOMOC is edited & curated by H. Söderström and Karl Sjölund.


MOMOC Magazine Launch

Saturday, 17:30-18:00 at 303.


At Norberg festival 2018, MOMOC will assemble material for issue 0,5 – “AS ON A HOLIDAY”; the ON-SITE / OFF-GRID / ON-VACATION ISSUE.

This issue will be open for submissions from anyone, throughout the festival. As per usual, audio, video, image and text, compressed to one or several file extensions are welcome. To submit material, deliver it on USB Flash drive or wireless upload via SMB/AFP through a terminal below Mimer and behind Krossverket (use the signs on site to find your way). The issue will be released late august.