Altering Arcadia (SE)

Altering Arcadia is an ongoing project of Marianna Feher and Tamandua Engström, formed in 2014.

Their performances operate and examine boundaries between corporeal deviance and transformability through elements of rope and sound that focuses on embodiment and self-alteration. A building relationship between devotion, dependence and exploitation in order for freedom of movement, fantasy and reflection to act relatively by triggering time and space, forming a body towards an amplified unfinished self. The structures per se, both material and immaterial, internal and external, are in flux—interacting bodies with other bodies, motion and site. Light design by Fabian Nyman.

For their performance Phoenix, the duo probes how past traces both mirror and guide present action—how body inhabits perception. Affect is an ontological openness and vulnerability, to change and shape anything there might be to encounter. Perceptual spaces impel not only to simply look at bodies but to contemplate what it is to live our bodies. By manipulation of space and situation, the site undergoes transformation that investigates states which engender emotional shaping.

Original music score by Sorrowing Christ (Kali Malone & A.M. Rehm).