Bond Snatch, Violence Scatter (INT)

Bond Snatch, Violence Scatter is the project of Fernanda Melgerjo and Christophe Aslanian. Two foreigners that met in Sweden at SFI.

While studying her masters degree at Konstfack, Fernanda started an investigation about violence as craft dynamic: How does violence work as an energy we receive, stock, and transmit? This investigation became a performance project involving contemporary dance, noise music, and clay. The music alternates between moments of peace and crisis, where each crisis fills the dancer with violence and aggression and each peace gives a break to the dancer as a recovering and healing process. But this relationship is unbalanced and the clay appears as a result and becomes the place where the violence overload has to escape.

The whole performance works as a sequence of different scenes, showing the evolution of the violence flow through the body of the performer and her relationship with the clay.

Christophe Aslanian is an artist-composer born in 1985. He has studied at the European Superior Art School of Britanny, in Rennes. His work, inspired by the New Anthropology with authors like P. Descolas or Augustin Berque, question the tales and storytelling we can extract from relationships between human beings and environments as a composition process.

Fernanda Melgerio
Christophe Aslanian