Material Fatigue: Cara Tolmie (UK)

Incongruous Diva

Performance and visual artist Cara Tolmie will present her per Incongruous Diva. Sampling and repetition form the basis for this performance which investigates signifiers and roles of ‘The Singer’ in contemporary popular culture, experimental and dance musics. Incongruous Diva puts a range of experiments in voice and movement in use to ask questions about whose affects and languages the singing voice acts as a locus for, testing how the performing body might be able to disrupt and infect the flows of value that profit from this voice.

Cara Tolmie is based in Stockholm and her work has been presented at Tate Modern, Chisenhale, Spike Island and Kunst-Werke Berlin among many others museums, galleries and music venues. She is also part of the editorial collective for Cesura//Acesso, a journal for music, politics and poetics.