Scape is an ongoing investigation of the essence and mutuality of sound and movement, initiated by Copenhagen-based artist Christian Reiter Seibæk. As a participatory spatial installation, Scape produces sound according to the movements of its temporary inhabitant. Entering this space, the distinctiveness of one’s own body language is heard. Will there be harmony? Every Scape is a new one. Over a day in Krossverket, Scape will be open for individual sessions.

As part of festival art programme Choreomania, a performance in Scape will also emerge, by the self-exploring PETER. This will be the first performance of Scape for a live audience.

Christian Reiter Seibæk has a mixed background in music and engineering, working with diverse mediums such as video, music, installations, performances and people. Since 2016, he is developing Scape in collaboration with programmer and music producer Jonas Tranberg.