Material Fatigue: Oleksiy Radynski (UA)

Film, 26 min

Landslide is a film about the community of people who “try to build a new society” in the cracks and pores of a collapsing social system. The film unfolds in central Kyiv, in a space which has been reclaimed from the city by forces of nature. As a result of a series of landslides, this space has become untenable and was subsequently occupied by the outcasts and outsiders of all kinds. It also became an important meeting spot for counter culture and artistic underground. A secretive graffiti team, a group of DIY-geeks and an avant-garde gay theatre which troupe fled the war in Luhansk all struggle to create a place where they can coexist outside the pressure of dysfunctional social structures.

Oleksiy Radynski is a filmmaker and writer based in Kyiv. He is a participant of Visual Culture Research Center, an initiative for art, knowledge, and politics founded in Kyiv, 2008. His films have been screened at Oberhausen IFF, Leipzig Doc IFF, e-flux (New York), S A V V Y Contemporary (Berlin) and others.