Tanzplage Workshop

When: July 23-26

Tanzplage Norberg invites 15 festival visitors as participants to explore psychophysiological boundaries in the Mimer mine on July 23-26, during four days prior to the festival. The workshop is an experiment on the capacities of human bodies, dancer or not. Aiming at a varied group of participants, the Tanzplage Norberg is not about collecting talented movers. On the opposite, the workshop invites individuals interested in testing the boundaries for what is controllable, what is movable and what is transmittable. 

During the week, we will offer our bodies as hosts of something other than ourselves, something that we can’t control. A viral self, capable to transmit its voice, shape and its strength from one body to the proximate one. Influences from dance meditations, clubbing, excessive speaking, the 5 rhythm dance, meditation, breathing work and shared phantasmagorias will be the fertile ground for a daily durational practice that grows into a public presentation in the end of the workshop.

The Tanzplage workshop is led by Berlin based choreographer Lea Martini along with Lisen Ellard and Tea Harryson.

To sign up for the workshop, please contact frida.sandstrom@norbergfestival.com

Read more about the workshop here.