Vlad Nanca

Video installation: Nadia

In 1978, Romanian gymnast Nadia Comăneci made a historical contribution in the Montreal OS 1976, where she was the first in history to score a ”perfect 10”. In Vlad Nanca’s edit of the documents from Comăneci’s prime time, the body scape is altered into a multitude of limbs and movements. Referring to the history of photography as a medium, the relation between totalitarian control and embodied aesthetics is made visible. As a symbol of a nation the individual is shattered into kaleidoscopic transitions, where organic representation is disabled through yet another formalism: the digital vector. The artwork is produced in collaboration with Ion Cotenescu.

Vlad Nanca’s artistic practice often revolve around (public) space and its use and functions, materialising in sculptures, objects and installations. Reading political history through it’s design, Nanca’s pragmatic poetry envision the ongoing postmodern liberalisation of Eastern Europe after 1989. Regarding architecture as a social matter, his mixed-media practice underline the poetics of daily life, with political intersections at the core of the artworks.

Part of the Choreomania programme.