How do we experience, affect and remember our sounding surroundings? In visual artist Annie Tådne’s installation ”Paroxysm”, a mesh of light is constructed and activated by surrounding noises. As spectators, we experience the space through the sound that we produce. Entering the installation, we become part of the space, absorbed by it and also subjected to it’s pattern in an indivisible web of relationships.

Through spatial and embodied cognition, Paroxysm amplifies a dynamic construction of a reality, in our highly individualised society. The outcome may be a form of collective paroxysm or a co-emergent awareness, where existence is a mutually influenced by the continuous transformative environment of the site.

Paroxysm is produced by audiovisual artist, video designer and creative coder Annie Tådne. Working within the intersection of art and technology, her fascination lies in the synthesis of art, media, technology and architecture, where music is paramount in all of her performances and creations.

For Choreomania, the Paroxysm installation will be activated by a performance by vocalist Stine Janvin. Through various projects such as Fake Synthetic Music and Native Instrument (Shelter Press), Janvin explore and challenges the physical features of the voice, the acoustics of her external/internal surroundings, and new performance strategies.

Paroxysm will be open for public on announced hours