Volunteer Template

This is a template, duplicate the post if you need to use it. Dont use feature image here to have a balance between text and images.

Which ones do you see yourself fit in best?

Safety & Security this is headline 3 remeber this

A smile on your face is the rule. Welcoming our guest with natural friendliness comes easy to you. You are also thorough in handling our revenue. We do have professional security to take care of any actual trouble, but your task will be to help them and to keep trouble from turning up.


You like the buzz of cramming people, thrive under stress, are prestigeless, service minded and swift.

Kitchen work

Cooking for our beloved volunteers, especially cooking the breakfast is one of the most important tasks during the festival.

Building & Construction

If you are hands-on and endowed with craftsmanship this is your group. Fencing, raising tents, constructing crazy info-stands, building beautiful artwork together with artists and much more.

Visitor Service, Groundskeeping & Sanitation

You value the welcoming effect of keeping things clean and tidy. Help us mastering the logistics of emptying bins, refilling soap and towels and keeping the facilities in an impeccable sanitary state.

Stagehand, Sound & Lights

Assist in carrying and installing the sound and light equipment. Help moving grand synthesizers and setting up the multichannel system among other practical things.
We employ professionals for the actual front desk mixing. If you are interested and have the credentials, let us know via the volunteer application form.


Do you have a drivers licence and enjoy driving? If you also are a provenly safe driver you are qualified to shuttle our cherished artists. The festival provides the cars needed, but given you have proper insurance you can use your own car.

Volunteer care and general assistance

Well-being means everyone is doing well. You make it happen providing coffee and cookies to your fellow workers, standing in for someone who needs a break and give a helping hand, a free smile or even a hug. Taking care of the volunteer accommodations is also a huge part of the duties of this team. Happy hardworking volunteers need a nice place to sleep and shower.

Artist care

Our artist care-team is charged with taking care of artists and their guests. It is a hard task to keep track of everything from hotel keys to food tickets.

Please note that you probably will need to take on more than one role during the week since there are lots of different things that needs to be done!