Due to the extremely hot and dry weather no grilling or any open flames at the camping will be allowed. We’ll provide a microwave oven for this year instead.

Please be very careful with cigarettes, litter and anything that could start a fire, the risk is high at the moment!


The campsite is part of the festival site. Besides space for your tent, we offer WC:s and cold water shower facilities. The camping opens on Thursday July 26 at 12:00 and closes on Sunday July 29 at 14:00. Maximum tent size is 3×3 meters. You may bring your own drinks to the camping area.

The campsite is situated on packed crushed iron ore, left over from the mining days. This means that the ground is hard to pitch a tent on, but when you have your tent standing, it has the nice effect that no matter the amount of rain, drainage is quick.


Caravans are allowed outside the festival area, at the racing track west of the camping site. For camping site conveniences, book Caravan Camping by lake Noren, 20 min by foot to the festival area.