Where do I sign up?

Fill in the volunteer application form HERE

When am I expected to be there?

All volunteers are expected to be available for work during the period:

Monday July 24 12:00 to Monday July 31 15:00.

We know that this is quite a long time to be away from home, but rest assured, it will be great fun as well!

How to get to Norberg?

You need to make your own travel arrangements to get to Norberg in time. There are different train/bus combinations, check ResRobot or SJ for details.

Driving or needing a ride?

Post questions about car pooling on our Norberg crew facebook page.

Getting around in Norberg.

Norberg is a small village and everything is within walking distance. If you travel by train and bus to Norberg you can walk from the bus stop to Mimerlaven. The structure is impossible to miss!

Volunteer bus from the south.

Copenhageners, Aarhusers and others from the general area of Denmark and southern Sweden have the opportunity to take a bus from and to Malmö. The bus might make a pit-stop or two on its way north to pick up other volunteers, most probably in Jönköping or Norrköping. Please tell us if you want to travel on this bus when you fill in the Volunteer Application.

More details on exactly when and where the bus departs will follow soon!

What should I bring?

Sleeping bag + foam mat or inflatable bed: we offer you floorspace or if you prefer, a space to pitch your tent. Toilet requisites and a towels. Don’t forget sunscreen!

Working clothes: exactly what you need depends on what kind of work you should do, but it’s always a good idea to bring rugged clothing, for example a boiler suit. Working gloves. Rainwear, because you never know – you will work outdoors no matter rain or shine. Enough extra clothing for a week. We do not have access to washing machines. Insect spray against mosquitoes, if you are one of those who might need it. Ear plugs.

You can bring your own electronic instruments and play on the open stage, but please do not bring a boom box! There is enough noise on the site already and in the lodging buildings there are people sleeping, since we work around the clock during the festival.

Is there somewhere to sleep?

Yes, we provide basic lodging for all volunteers. We can not afford anything fancy, but you will get the basics. A shared dormitory room or gymnasium with access to bathroom and showers.

Bring a foam mat or blow up bed and sleeping bag or linen and pillows (and ear plugs, stuffed animals or whatever you need to get your beauty sleep).

Please allow your friends that have worked the night shift to sleep during the day, and the friends that work the day shift to sleep during the night. If you are not scheduled to work and want to party, just head up to the festival area!

We can offer you a place to pitch your tent or park your camper if you prefer that to sleeping in shared rooms, but tell us in advance, so we can prepare for your arrival.

Since we are in Sweden, smoking or drinking is of course not allowed in any of the buildings!

Do I get any food?

Yes, you get proper food every day that you work as a volunteer. All food is served at the festival site.

Do you have any vegetarian, vegan, nut- or gluten-free food?
Yes! We cook the food on site and will take your allergies into consideration, if you tell us about them in advance. Don’t forget to check the correct checkbox or provide your allergy information when you sign up.

When should I work and when can I have time off?

We can not answer exactly when you will work and when you have time off until the work schedule is finished. Most probably the final schedule will not be in place until the actual week of the festival. Late additions and drop-outs sometimes erase all our best laid plans.

There are however some general facts:

You will get a personal email with more details on your week with us. We will be on site from the afternoon of Sunday July 24 if you feel like turning up earlier. You will most likely belong to more than one team during the week, because there are very different type of tasks that need to be done before, during and after the festival. Besides working and partying, activities of choice are: going for a swim in the nearby lake Noren, buying complementary groceries downtown or just chilling out with your new friends. Experience tells us that the high level of activity makes the festival week intense to a degree where work, party and time off just melt into one single flow of events.

 Do I get paid?

No you don’t. The Norbergfestival association is non-profit organization and everybody work for free. We all think the festival itself is compensation enough for the work. Trust us, it is a truly unique experience, with so many nice people and so much good music in a fantastic environment.


Don’t hesitate to contact us at volunteer AT norbergfestival dot com if you have questions.