Volunteer F.A.Q.


Fill in the volunteer application form HERE


Volunteers are needed between Monday 23rd of July 12:00 and Monday 30th of July 15:00.

We know that this is quite a long time to be away from home, but rest assured, it will be great fun as well!


There are different train/bus combinations, check ResRobot or SJ for details.

Post questions about car pooling on our Norberg crew facebook page

Volunteers travelling from Denmark and southern Sweden have the opportunity to take a (free) bus from and to Copenhagen, with stop in Malmö/Hyllie. The bus will depart from Copenhagen Sunday the 22nd of July and return Monday the 30th of July. Please tell us if you want to travel on this bus when you fill in the Volunteer Application.

More details on exactly where the bus departs will follow later!


Norberg is a small village and everything is within walking distance. If you travel by train and bus to Norberg you can walk from the bus stop to Mimerlaven. The structure is impossible to miss!


We provide basic lodging for all volunteers. We can’t afford anything fancy so we usually set up a shared dormitory in the town’s gymnasium that has showers and bathrooms.

You can also pitch your tent or park your camper if you prefer that to sleeping in shared rooms. Just let us know what you’d rather and we’ll make sure there’s a spot for you.

Since we are in Sweden, smoking or drinking is of course not allowed in any of the buildings!


-Sleeping bag + foam mat or inflatable bed.
-Toilet requisites and a towel.
-Don’t forget sunscreen!
-Working clothes: exactly what you need depends on what kind of work you should do, but it’s always a good idea to bring rugged clothing, for example a boiler suit.
-Working gloves.
-Rainwear, because you never know – most of the work is outdoors.
-Enough extra clothing for a week. We do not have access to washing machines.
-Insect spray against mosquitoes, if you are one of those who might need it.
-Ear plugs!


The kitchen team will provide food for the whole duration of the volunteer work. The food is vegan with vegetarian options.

We cook the food on site and will take all allergies into consideration. Don’t forget to specify these in the volunteer form.


Volunteers participate equally in the build up and the take down. The tasks are set daily by the volunteer coordination teams and you get to pick where you’d like to work. Build up starts on the Monday up until the beginning of the festival and take-down starts immediately after the festival finishes on Sunday morning until Monday evening. During the festival, volunteers work according to shifts that take into consideration as much as possible preferences and abilities.

Some volunteers are being recruited for certain tasks because there’s a need for specific skills, like sound and light technicians, artist care, media and communications. However, equality and diversity should be a key aspect of the festival. Volunteer coordinators ensure that new volunteers, or volunteers not recruited for specific tasks, can learn and gain experience is areas they might be interested in, regardless of pre-existing knowledge, and specifically if they wouldn’t normally have an easy way in this kind of experience.

Please make use of the sign-up form to tell us about skills you wish to be given the opportunity to try and learn about. You can always talk to the volunteer coordinators at any time during the festival about labour distribution.

We will be on site from the afternoon of Sunday 22nd of July if you feel like turning up earlier. Besides working and partying, activities of choice are: going for a swim in the nearby lake Noren, buying complementary groceries downtown or just chilling out with your new friends. Experience tells us that the high level of activity makes the festival week intense to a degree where work, party and time off just melt into one single flow of events.

We also have our traditional volunteer party on Sunday night where you’re welcome to play tunes or weird distorted sounds, as you wish.


The Norbergfestival association is a non-profit organization (see here: http://www.anrikningsverket.org/) and everyone works as a volunteer except the project manager, the production manager and the programme director who are paid. A lot of us return year after year and we all think the festival itself is compensation enough for the work. Trust us, it is a truly unique experience, with so many nice people and so much good music in a fantastic environment.


Don’t hesitate to contact us at volunteer AT norbergfestival DOT com if you have questions.