About Norbergfestival 2023

Norbergfestival is a 24-year-running festival, held on the abandoned iron mine site of Mimerlaven in Norberg, Sweden.

Nestled in the picturesque town of Norberg, Sweden, Norbergfestival stands as a testament to creative expression, transforming the abandoned iron mine site of Mimerlaven into a thriving hub of artistic diversity during three days in July.

The former industrial site of Mimerlaven, once an emblem of Sweden's industrial heritage, has been breathing new life as a sanctuary for artistic exploration since the late 90s. This year, a vibrant tapestry of avant-garde percussive music, techno infused with African polyrhythms, feminist black metal, fast-paced DJ sets, noise rock, and more, converge to form an electrifying blend of genres. The carefully curated lineup allows for boundary-pushing dance music, sound, performing and visual arts to collide.

Our visual arts program showcases a mix of exhibitions, transforming the very fabric of Norberg itself. Ordinary spaces, now transformed into exhibition sites, offer a remarkable backdrop for a diverse array of artistic works.

At the heart of Norbergfestival beats a dedicated community of volunteers. Together, they weave the fabric of our festival, rooted in the spirit of DIY striving to create a safer space for our diverse community with people of different backgrounds, identities, and experiences while constantly embracing the culture of learning, respect, inclusion.